Shipping Policy

The user is free to decide the payment mode of the product before buying the product. Once the product is purchased by the users it will be delivered to the user via various delivery modes as per seller. The shipping address provided by the user will be verified with the database of the before providing the purchase confirmation to the buyer. In case the address entered by the user is not deliverable as per the company database than users have to provide an alternate shipping address. The risk of damage in the course of shipping will be on the seller, the buyer has nothing to do with the damage of the product in the course of transmit. The product when reaches to the customer must meet all the description and specification listed and advertised on the website. In the scenario where the specification does not meet the one mentioned over the website, the buyer reserves the right to replace or return the product as per the replace/ return policy of

The dispatch time mentioned over the website is an estimate time set by the seller. However, we at Dakshashop try our level best to deliver the product as per the time mentioned. The custody of the product will be only given to the customer once the complete payment of the product is made by the buyer. Once the product is delivered to the buyer the liability of the complete product including loss and damage of the product will be pass on the buyer.

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