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Muscle Max SizeUp

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Mix one scoop of this food suppliment twice / three a day or as per your trainer or nutritionist with water, milk or juce then shake well and consume accordingly.Energy : 370k cal.
Carbohydrate : 57g.
Protien : 26g.
Dietary fiber : 3g.
Fat : 4g.

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₹2,686 ₹3,950
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Product Description
Max SizeUp comes up with the premium formula with stable and accurate nutrition always required by your body. Its ultimate combination of macro and micro nutrient provide you power, endurance, liveliness and keep you positive all the time. Max Size Up help to grow body muscle significantly as it contains good amount of protein which is always much needed to develop the size of muscles. Simultaneously the carbohydrate full fills the energy requirement and reduces the breakdown of body tissues for energy purpose and finally leads to retain and maintain body muscle. Due to the satisfactory portion of carbohydrate body never feel energy deficiency and all dietary protein have full possibility to repair and construct cells and tissues in the body muscle.
Number of Servings50
Serving Size60g
GoalMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Manufactured inIndia
ManufacturerMuscle Max Sport Nutrition
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