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Quick overview

Features & Benefits:-
> Delivers for speedly muscle growth.
> Packed with 4gm BCAA for fast recovery
> Contains 4gm creatine & 3gm Glutamine
> Zero Suger, Zero trans fat & Zero cholesterol
> Delivers 50% instantised protein

>Added Digestive Enzyme

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Product Description
Big One Nutrition Muscle Activator 5LB/2.25kgMuscle Building Whey Protein Powder 25g of Protein Blend with BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine for Muscle Recovery and GrowthSupported Goal: Build Lean Muscle Main Ingredient: Whey ProteinBig One Muscle Activator is carefully synthesized and scientifically designed to meet the requirements of high achieving body building enthusiasts with high objectives. The nutrition packages works equally well on the gaining lean muscle. It contains all the pure stuff that guarantees delivery of potent punch required by the body after the tearing apart bout at the gym. You would just love the great taste of this add-on.The formulation has been based on balanced content of protein, carbohydrates, good fat, BCAAs; and has been fortified with vitamins and minerals to provide a good back up and support so that each round of intense killing bout at the gym among weights brings in better results. The product is a true muscle recovery system that brings back all the energy lost and helps in building muscles up from the point where you left it a day before. Besides this, it also tastes great and is easy to prepare and digest.Rich with BCAA & Glutamine Bigone Nutrition’s Muscle Activator is rich with 4g BCAA can help protect your muscle against catabolic effects and take their physique to the lean extreme while glutamine minimizing muscle breakdown; avoiding catabolism; sustaining anabolic environment; and ensuring a quick muscle stack build up.Power Of Creatine Muscle Activator also added 4g creatine, The biggest Benefit of Creatine is that it pumps up muscles faster and helps you build them bigger and stronger quickly.Zero Cholesterol Trasnt Fat Zero SugerZero Added Natural Digestive Enzymes Gluten Free
GoalBulking Up,Weight Gainer
Manufactured inIndia
ManufacturerBig One Nutrition
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