BBN Hardcore Quick Mass Gainer 1.5 kg(3.3lbs)

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        • More protein with more result
        • More carbohydrate
        • Low fat

        Quick Mass Gainer 1.5 kg is one of the most reliable body building supplements available in the market. It is packed with superior quality of nutrients such as anabolic protein, complex carbohydrates, quality essential fats as well as digestive enzymes. All of them supplies energy to recover the lean muscle and hence provide a definite masculine shape to the body. It contains perfect protein to carbo ratio. The vital nutrients present in the quick mass gainer restrict the blood sugar level and supply nutrients to the tissue after strenuous workout hence boost in the quick recovery, prevents muscle breakdown and support bodybuilding.

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        QUICK MASS GAINER is enhanced with L-Glutamine and Creatine for more effective mass and strength. It has high quality ingredients of carbohydrates to improve bodybuilding supplements, high calories and protein that help to optimize the anabolic effect of human body and support to build dense and high quality muscle mass.

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        Size3.3 LBS
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